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Wiehler Gobelin an old established company and yet very young

We only produce the original "Wiehl" stick sets in tapestry, petit point and cross-stitch.

Many of our Stick Sets are also available as a miniature package for the fine handwork. For questions you can call us or write a e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  Exclusively available with us woven Gobelin tapestries (Tapisseri), tapestry cushions, tapestry jacquard fabrics.

You want to  make a Präsent? We have the right Coupon for you.

Уважаемые покупатели, мы говорим по русски :
Вторник   8.30-14.30
Среда      8.30-14.30
Четверг    8.30-12.30
Пятница   8.30-12.30
Ева Цуканова

Tel:0049 (0) 4161 82088


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Art. 3624-8 "Pinkie"       70,00 €         Art.  3553-4 "Blue Boy" 70,00 €        Art.  3660-5  "Schönstatt-Madonna"                                              70,00 €             Art. 3622-6 "Christus auf dem Thron"                                         110,00 €           Art. 3702-6 "Die drei Schwestern"                  130,00 €      Art. 3707-1 "Sommerausklang" 140,00


You want to make a gobelin as a gift?  In our shop www.wiehler-gobelin.com you can find "exklusive gobelin accesoires".
Here we offer high-quality woven gobelins and cushions.

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