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Wiehler Gobelin an old established company and yet very young.

Wiehler Gobelin is a small family business which markets its own-designed stick sets by mail order. Our embroidery patterns are copyrighted and every stitch kit provided by us only when ordering together.


We only produce the original "Wiehler" stick sets in tapestry, petit point and cross-stitch.


Exclusively available with us woven Gobelin tapestries (Tapisseri), tapestry cushions, tapestry jacquard fabrics.

You want to  make a Präsent? We have the right Coupon for you.

Please look at our special offer in August 2015

Wiehler Gobelin makes from 02/09/2015 until 09/10/2015 Holiday. You can execute your orders as usual through our shop. Our next delivery is then on Tuesday, 09/15/2015.


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Linen is noble and popular. The smooth surface

of the cool handle and the fine,natural structure

have made the flax fibers into a global brand.

Elegant fabric with the slightly irregular structure of flax fibers.


-16 threads/1 cm; Engraving / thread count/ cm 8,5 stitches 100% Linen, 140 cm wide


Art. 6028-16 grey-white lfd. Meter   € 53,80

Art. 6028-16 cream          lfd. Meter  € 53,80

-11 threads /1 cm; 100 % Linen, 140 cm wide

Art. 6029-11 blue/white    lfd. Meter € 54,80


Wiehler embroidery cross stitch kits

The Wiehler Gobelin Stitchkits

Exklusive Gobelin Accessoire´s


Newsletter and Spezial Offers

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Art. 3702-6 "The three Sisters"             for   € 139,00  early € 145,00

Art. 3707-1 "End of Summer"                 for  € 149,00   early  € 156,00

Art. 3660-5 "Schönstatt-Madonna"        for    80,00 early € 89,00

For the table

Art. 4689-1 "Dandelions" for  € 49,00

Art. 4831-6 "Christmas Music"               for   € 78,00

Or for the kitchen ?
Art. 4817-6 "Wreath of Fruits" for € 49,00

You want to make a gobelin as a gift?  In our shop www.wiehler-gobelin.com you can find "exklusive gobelin accessoires".
Here we offer high-quality woven gobelins and cushions.

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