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What is included in the Wiehler Gobelin embroidery kits?
Our sets contain the counting pattern, the required fabric, sufficient high-quality thread and a matching embroidery needle. 

What is a counting pattern (type pattern)? 
Counting or type patterns are used to transfer the image onto the fabric by counting out the individual stitches on the fabric. The advantage of the type pattern is that it is possible to use the finest shades of color, which cannot be printed in this fineness on stramin or fabric in color. Our special type patterns are - just like the fabric - divided into squares of ten, so that the pattern can be transferred without any effort.
In the following illustration you can see such types or symbols. Each symbol represents a particular Wiehler Tapestry color of the image:

Same symbols can stand for different colors in different articles / embroidery pictures - but don't worry - you will always receive the right color set with your embroidery from us.

Which fabric is used for the embroidery sets? 
For our tapestry pictures we use our own Wiehler Gobelin Hardanger fabric. This has a density of 9 holes per 1 cm and has auxiliary lines. This makes it much easier to work with the counting patterns. The required fabric is already included with each embroidery set.
For experienced fans of embroidery art, we also offer the possibility to use a fabric with 14 stitches per 1 cm. This fabric has no auxiliary lines and is used for articles with the addition "miniature".
Our cross stitch motifs are embroidered on different fabrics without auxiliary lines. The fabrics used are described in more detail with the respective articles. 

Which thread is used for embroidery? 
We compose our embroidery sets individually and use only high quality cotton threads from well-known manufacturers such as Anchor or DMC as well as a range of threads specially dyed for Wiehler.
The yarns consist of 6 threads, of which you use 1 to 4 threads, depending on the specified stitch type. To do this, divide the yarn into the required number of threads and the remaining.

Which stitch types are used in the embroidery sets? 
Pay attention to the indication in the online store at the respective article. Some of our designs are to be done entirely in gobelin stitch. Others are complete in petit point stitch. Some use both types of stitch - gobelin stitch for large areas and background and petit point stitch for details with finer color shading like faces or other details.
Some of the items are designed for cross stitch.

What is the Gobelin Stitch? 
We embroider the Gobelin Stitch with a four-thread twist. Each character of the type design means that you have to do two stitches next to each other over two threads of fabric in the height. Always embroider your picture from right to left. 

What is the Petit point stitch? 
The petit point stitch is embroidered with three threads. Each type in the pattern here means only one stitch on the fabric over one fabric thread in the height. The difference between the two types of embroidery is particularly important because a number of our pictures are made in a combination of tapestry and petit point technique. The larger part of the picture is then embroidered in gobelin stitch, and only faces, arms and legs are embroidered in petit point stitch. This makes the embroidery more expressive. In addition, the petit point stitch allows for finer shading.

What is miniature? 
Embroidery specialists can also embroider any gobelin and petit point product on our miniature fabric with 14 stitches per 1 cm. This finer fabric has no auxiliary lines. The gobelin stitch is done on miniatures with only 2 threads of the thread supplied, the petit point stitch even with only 1 thread. As a result, the image becomes smaller and very fine.
For some products we offer such miniature packages in the online store. If you are interested in this for another product, please contact us by mail.

Which embroidery technique or embroidery sets do we recommend for beginners of this hobby? 
To start with, we recommend a smaller motif with a smaller color palette. This is the best way to learn the embroidery technique. Depending on your preference, you can start with gobelin or cross stitch.

Who is embroidery suitable for as a hobby? 
Embroidery is now back in vogue after being somewhat forgotten for some time. It's a wonderful leisure activity that creates gorgeous works of art. It's also a great way to relax and get away from the stresses of everyday life. It can also create extremely popular homemade gifts. So: needle, thread, ready, go!


How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Our embroidery sets are individually assembled for you with the utmost care after we receive your order and payment. Most pictures leave our house within 2 weeks. If a thread color or fabric is not in stock, it will take a little longer.
As soon as the package is ready, it will be handed over to the shipping company and you will receive a tracking number by mail. Please also check your spam folder in case you miss it. Shipping takes different time depending on the destination country. In some countries outside the EU there are sometimes delays with customs authorities. Unfortunately, we can not influence this.

With which shipping service provider will my package be shipped / customs fees?
We ship our Wiehler Sticksets worldwide. Within the EU we ship packages with the Austrian Post, sometimes also with Hermes. Outside the EU we ship optionally with the Austrian Post or DHL Express.
Please note that outside the EU you may have to pay customs duties. These are not included and have to be paid separately to the respective place.

Will I receive a tracking number to follow the delivery?
Yes, as soon as the package has been completed and handed over to the shipping service provider, you will receive a tracking number by mail. Please also check your spam folder if you miss it.

What do I do if I am short of thread or want to embroider a picture again and only need thread for it?
Normally, the enclosed thread is perfectly sufficient to finish the embroidery. But maybe the wrong stitch was used or you want to embroider a picture again and only need the thread. For some products you can already select the option "Thread only" in our online store. Otherwise, please contact us by mail and we will make you an appropriate price offer.

What payment options are available?
We offer payment via PayPal, Amazon Pay and prepayment. You can also pay by credit card by selecting PayPal as a payment method and then logging into PayPal as a guest, without a PayPal account.
As soon as we have received the payment, we will put together your order individually for you.

Can an order be canceled and returned and what should I be aware of?
After an order has been placed in the store, the usual right of cancellation applies. You can find more detailed information about this in the store under "Right of withdrawal". There is also a sample form for this in our store. If the order has not yet been shipped, there are no costs for you. Otherwise, the direct costs of returning the goods are to be paid by you.

What is the best way to contact Wiehler Gobelin?
Please send us an e-mail with all necessary information such as article or order number, full name and delivery address as well as a description of your request. The Wiehler Gobelin team will take care of your request as soon as possible.
We speak German and English, but with the help of online translation programs, communication usually works in other languages as well.
Special Wiehler Hardanger white,  without helping lines, approx. 50x110cm
9 holes/1 cm, white, 110 cm wide, 50cm long
​no helping lines
Price per 50cm
48,00 EUR
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
Special Wiehler Miniatur Canvas approx. 50x85cm
14 holes/1 cm, creme, 85 cm wide; 50cm length
Price per 50cm length
24,00 EUR
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
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