Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

What is included in the Wiehler Gobelin Sticksets?
Our sets contain the counting pattern, the required fabric, all necessary threads and an embroidery needle. 

What is a counting pattern? 
The image is transferred to the fabric using counting or type patterns by counting the individual stitches on the fabric. The advantage of the type pattern is that you can use the finest shades of colour, which cannot be printed in this fineness on stramin or fabric in colour. Our special type patterns are - just like the fabric - divided into squares of ten, so that the pattern can be transferred without difficulty.

Which fabric is used for the embroidery sets? 
For our tapestry pictures we use our own Wiehler Gobelin Hardanger fabric. This has a density of 9 holes per 1cm and has auxiliary lines. This makes it much easier to work with the counting patterns. The required fabric is included with every embroidery set.
For experienced fans of embroidery art we also offer the possibility to use a fabric with 14 stitches per 1 cm. This fabric has no more auxiliary lines and is used for articles with the addition "miniature".
Our cross-stitch motifs are embroidered on different fabrics. The fabrics used are described in more detail in the respective articles. 

What is the Gobelin Stitch? 
We embroider the Gobelin Stitch with a four-thread twist. Each character of the type design means that you have to do two stitches next to each other over two threads of fabric in the height. Always embroider your picture from right to left. 

What is the Petit point stitch? 
The petit point stitch is embroidered with three threads. Each type in the pattern here means only one stitch on the fabric over one fabric thread in the height. The difference between the two types of embroidery is particularly important because a number of our pictures are made in a combination of tapestry and petit point technique. The larger part of the picture is then embroidered in tapestry stitch, and only faces, arms and legs are embroidered in petit point stitch. This makes the embroidery more expressive. 
In addition, the petit point stitch allows for finer shading.
Special Wiehler-Hardanger approx. 50x170 cm
9 holes/1 cm, with counting square,
170 cm wide, 50cm long

price per 50cm length
40,00 EUR
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
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